Borehole Pump Lifts, Borehole Maintainance and Water Treatment

Springhill specialise in borehole maintainance and water treatment. If you would like a list of borehole drillers active in your area, please contact your local Environmental Health Office or the Environment Agency. If you would like to talk to us about boreholes, borehole maintainance and / or filtration please ring 01422 833121
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How much will a borehole cost?

This is always a difficult one to answer because every situation is different. However, as a guideline you can expect to pay £8,000 to £9,000 for the drilling of the borehole, which includes the installation of a pump and pressure vessel. This price assumes that “good” water is found within 60 meters.

In many cases the borehole water will need treating to make it fit for the purpose to which it is going to be used. When putting together an estimate you should expect to pay between £800 to £3,000 for filtration equipment. In some cases you will not need filtration at all – it all is dependent on the quality of the water.

Lake ScapeWill they find water in my area?

If you live in and around Calderdale then the answer is probably, Yes. The Millstone Grit is a good aquifer and most areas of the region there is an abundance of water. However, in some cases, the driller may not strike water. This can happen where there are lots of boreholes in that particular region. In addition the geology in certain parts of North Yorkshire and the Lake District does not lend itself to storing water underground. If you live in these areas, you should seek adive from local drillers or the BGS (British Geological Survey) before commissioning a borehole.

We maintain, supply and repair borehole pumps and equipment.
  • Purpose built borehole pump lifting gear
  • Residential and Commercial
  • Skilled engineers - guaranteed quality
  • 24hr emergency response

Like any mechanical / electrical system, a borehole can develop problems. In particular, galvanised riser tubes used to support a borehole pump can corrode, especially in areas where the soil is acidic. This type of problem can result in a loss of supply or a reduction in flow and pressure. In some cases, the only way of resolving the problem is to ‘lift’ the pump and replace the galvanised riser with a robust alkathene pipe. This type of ‘lift’ requires specialist equipment (pictured left) and skilled engineers.

Borehole Pump Lifts

To book a free of charge, no obligation site survey, ring Geoff Blair on 07801 747632

Do I have to pay for the water produced by the borehole?

No. There is no charge for the water and if you use less than 20.000 litres of water per day, you do not need a licence if the water is to be used for domestic purposes.

What is the difference between a borehole and a water well?

Nothing, they are the same thing. Water Well however is the term used in the USA.

Borehole Maintenance

We only employ in-house engineers who have received full training. Wherever possible we try to have the same engineer call on the same customers.

Borehole Maintenance

24 hour emergency response

In the event of a water related emergency we guarantee a 24hr telephone response. In many cases we are able to resolve problems within a day or two. We repair and service any make or model of equipment including Aquacure, Liff, Culligan, Shakesby, Hanovia, Dab, Wedeco, Cleanstream, Marshalls, Grundfos - and many more.

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