Borehole Pumps

Borehole Pump Lifting Rig

We stock an extensive range of borehole pumps that are capable of providing an excellent flow of water at a pressure equivalent to that provided by a mains supply.

If you already have a borehole pump installed, our engineers are fully trained to lift the pump and replace it with a new one. In some cases, borehole pumps can be repaired, in which case we provide a lift and repair service.

Pictured left - Phil and Andy are two Springhill engineers using our purpose built pump lifting rig. In this particular instance, the borehole pump was being lifted so that it could be cleaned. A problem caused by the very high iron levels inside the borehole.

Thank you Springhill for your advice on an alternative to our ever diminishing supply of “spring” water and thank you for putting me in touch with National Water Wells (Borehole Drillers). Geoff Blair came within a couple of days of contacting him and he provided us with a competitive quote. As you know, the borehole water quality was poorer than expected but the installation of your filtration system has meant that the water tastes and looks as good as premium quality bottled water. Many thanks to you and your team.
Mary of Triangle

Many new boreholes are drilled each year. A new borehole might be required as part of a barn conversion project or where an existing spring or stream supply has run dry or the yield is greatly reduced.

In some cases boreholes are drilled to save money. For example, 1,000 litres of mains water costs approximately £1. A borehole can yield up to 20,000 litres of water a day without the need for a licence. In this example, a farm or commercial enterprise could save up to £20 a day (£7,000 a year). At this rate of water usage, the borehole would pay for itself in a few years.


Our Borehole Pumps range is available to purchase from our Warehouse Shop in Mytholmroyd near Halifax.

Replacement parts can be ordered easily by telephone as we accept all major credit cards.

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Installation & Servicing

We only employ in-house engineers who have received full training. Wherever possible we try to have the same engineer call on the same customers. This means that we can often provide telephone advice, whereby a customer can also speak to the engineer on the phone if an urgent problem should arise.

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Emergency Call-Outs

In the event of a water related emergency we guarantee a same day response. We repair and service any make or model of equipment including Aquacure, Liff, Culligan, Shakesby, Hanovia, Dab, Wedeco, Cleanstream, Marshalls, Grundfos - and many more.

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