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Borehole water often contains high concentrations of minerals such as iron and manganese. Even where these mineral concentrations are low, they cannot be ignored. The presence of iron alone or in combination with other contaminants such as manganese often leads to staining problems (to appliances and laundry) and can give the water an unpleasant, metallic taste. In some cases, water that contains high concentrations of iron and manganese can also contain hydrogen sulphide which means the water can taste foul (rotten eggs).

Installing iron filtration will resolve the problems associated with these contaminants immediately.

Iron before and after

Iron Master
Our Iron Master range of filters is designed to deal with wide range of Iron / manganese concentrations.

The type and cost of an Iron Master will vary according to site conditions. Prices start around £1,200.

  • Iron Filtration prevents brown / orange / black staining associated with high iron and manganese.

  • Iron Fitration improves poor taste and odour associated with high iron levels.

  • Extensive research and development means the Iron Master is more effective than many other filter systems.

  • We guaranteed the performance of the Iron Master iron filtration system.

  • We offer excellent iron filtration servicing at realistic prices.

    The Springhill Iron Master range is ideal for use on a single domestic supply or on a small commercial supply.

    Larger bespoke systems are also available - please ring 01422 833121 for more details.

    Guaranteed Results - The Iron Master iron filtration system is guaranteed to ensure your water meets the Uk and European standards for iron, manganese and hydrogen sulphide.

    Unique Service - Our unique 'quick valve exchange' system means that servicing costs are significantly lower than for alternative water filter systems.

    Tried and Tested Technology - 10 years of research and development means we can guarantee the performance of the Iron Master iron filtration system.

    Springhill Iron master

      An integral part of the iron reduction process is the back washing system. This means that these units need to be connected to a drain, similar in design to the type of drain used by a standard domestic washing machine. The back washing cycle is timed using an electronic valve, which means they need to be connected to a mains electricity supply.

      Our water treatment system (designed to remove extremely high levels of iron and manganese) from our borehole supply was overly complicated and not effective or reliable. Matthew installed a new simplified and effective system that we now have confidence in. The advice and service we received throughout was excellent.
      Holiday Park, Bradford

      The Iron Master is a backwashing filter system. This means the media inside the vessel will last for many years before it dissolves or needs replacing. We sell all the materials needed to top up the media and we provide full installation instructions.

      The maximum prescribed concentration for iron is 200µg/l. Water containing over 1,000 µg/l is likely to cause severe staining and the water will have a metallic taste. The iron master has been used successfully on water that contains 19,000 µg/l.


      Our Iron & Manganese Removal range is available to purchase from our Warehouse Shop in Mytholmroyd near Halifax.

      Replacement parts and filter cartridges can be ordered easily by telephone as we accept all major credit cards.

      Tel: 01422 833121

      Installation & Servicing

      We only employ in-house engineers who have received full training. Wherever possible we try to have the same engineer call on the same customers. This means that we can often provide telephone advice, whereby a customer can also speak to the engineer on the phone if an urgent problem should arise.

      Tel: 01422 833121

      Emergency Call-Outs

      In the event of a water related emergency we guarantee a same day response. We repair and service any make or model of equipment including Aquacure, Liff, Culligan, Shakesby, Hanovia, Dab, Wedeco, Cleanstream, Marshalls, Grundfos - and many more.

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