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SAFE & CLEAN WATER Your borehole or spring supply may provide water that looks good and tastes good – but it probably contains impurities that can be harmful to health or damaging to expensive equipment or fixtures and fittings. Even if you believe you have built up an immunity to some of the bacteria in the water, other people visiting your property may be at risk, especially the young, the aged or people who do not have good health.

You should also be aware that potential buyers are alerted to the dangers of drinking unfiltered water during property searches which may have a negative effect when it comes to selling your property.

pH System

PWS Installations

In many cases customers prefer Springhill to install water filtration equipment rather than rely on a plumber who may not be totally familiar with the type of equipment available for private water supply. As a result, we employ a team of in-house engineers who have the skills and experience to install systems and equipment tailored to your exact needs and at a realistic price - with the minimum of fuss.

All of our work is fully guaranteed and our engineers are fully insured.

No hidden extras or mileage charges with Springhill Water Services!

FREE of charge no-obligation site surveys & friendly advice.

We are also very happy to provide telephone support to those who decide to install equipment themselves.

INSTALLATIONS: 01422 833121

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Maintenance of private water supplies


All water filtration equipment will need attention at some time. Whether you simply require a filter change, a UV bulb replaced or the whole system given a thorough service, our engineers are fully trained to do the job. Our rates are very competitive and there are no hidden extras or mileage charges.

When you purchase equipment from Springhill, or if your equipment is serviced by us, you gain access to a 24 hour emergency call out system. We understand that some situations require an immediate response which means at least one engineer is on call every day of the year.

We only employ in-house engineers who have received full training. Wherever possible we try to have the same engineer call on the same customers. This means that we can often provide telephone advice, whereby a customer can speak to the engineer on the phone if an urgent problem should arise.

MAINTENANCE: 01422 833121

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Trouble Shooting

Every product in the Springhill range incorporates reliable, tried and tested technologies meaning they are built to last. However, in the event of problems, our engineers are trained to quickly diagnose the cause and remedy the situation quickly and efficiently. In some cases we are able to give telephone advice that will help you get your water back to normal, with the minimum of fuss. On other occasions our engineers may need to call to site.

This high level of service is only possible when we employ competent engineers who fully understand the equipment and the environment in which they are installed. With this goal in mind, continuous training and attention to detail is the cornerstone of our extensive engineering development program.

We understand that some situations require a quick response which means at least one engineer is on call every day of the year.

CALL OUTS: 01422 833121

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Borehole Maintenance

Pictured above are Springhill engineers (Andy and Phil) using a purpose built borehole pump lifting rig.

In many instances we can get a borehole working again by providing telephone advice. If your borehole stops working, call us on the number below and we will do our best to fix your problem quickly and effectively.

BOREHOLES: 01422 833121

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24hr Response

In the event of a water related emergency we guarantee a same day response.

We repair and service any make or model of equipment including Aquacure, Liff, Culligan, Shakesby, Hanovia, Dab, Wedeco, Cleanstream, Marshalls, Grundfos - and many more.  

CALL OUTS: 01422 833121

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Free site suveys and water analysis for private water supplies

Free Site Survey

Recent research undertaken by The University of East Anglia confirms that children under 10 years old are at risk of picking up stomach infections if they drink untreated borehole or spring water.

If you are concerned about the quality of your private water supply, please ring Jayne on 01422 833121 to book a local free of charge, no obligation site survey.

As part of this visit we can carry out a basic water test (free of charge) if required.

FREE SITE SURVEY: 01422 833121

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